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One app to remove all spam texts from your phone

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Spam Text Message
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How It Works

Say good bye to annoying texts for good in two quick steps.

1. Add Keywords in the App

Create a list of keywords to block in the app. Any texts containing a keyword are blocked.

2. Watch Spam Disappear

Dont Text only checks texts from senders not saved in your contacts. Blocked texts are sent to the Junk tab in the Messages App.

Download Dont Text From the App Store

Download Dont Text on the App Store

Upgrade to Worry Free Filtering

Dont Text offers premium spam text filtering to make blocking spam even easier.

Skip the Hassle of Keywords

Worry Free Filtering automatically blocks all spam text messages. If your keywords miss any spam, Worry Free Filtering blocks it instantly.

Protect Your Phone

Shield your phone from spam, scams, and phishing texts. Stop worrying about suscipious text messages.

Still Getting Spam Texts Like This?

Image of Spam Text Messages

Keep Your Texts Private

Dont Text values and respects your right to privacy. Dont Text was built to safegaurd your phone from invasive spam, while maintaining and protecting your privacy.

  • Dont Text blocks spam and protects your privacy.
  • Dont Text never saves your texts or stores your data.