How can I contact you?

Visit the contact page

Do you have an android app?

Dont Text is only available for iOS devices.

How do I enable text message filtering?

  1. Download Dont Text from the App Store
  2. Go to settings
  3. Scroll down and tap on Messages
  4. Scroll down and tap on Spam & Filtering
  5. Select Dont Text to allow our app to filter your messages

I’m still getting spam texts. Why isn’t the app working?

Make sure you followed the steps above to enable text filtering. Next, check that you have added keywords with the ‘block’ setting inside the Dont Text app. Texts will only be blocked if they are from a sender not saved in your contacts and they contain a keyword with the ‘block’ setting. If a message contains a keyword with the ‘allow’ setting, it will not be blocked.

What’s the difference between ‘block’ and ‘allow’ keywords?

Keywords with the ‘block’ setting are sent to Junk. Keywords with the ‘allow’ setting will pass through the filter even if it contains a different blocking keyword. If there is a conflict between a ‘block’ and ‘allow’ keyword that are contained in the same message, the message will be allowed through the filter.

Why are texts getting blocked that shouldn’t?

Check that you do not have keywords set that could be blocking the wrong messages on accident. If you frequently receive texts from the same unknown number that you do not want to be blocked, consider adding that number to your contacts. Finally, use keywords with the ‘allow’ setting to prevent certain texts from being blocked. This is useful for verification codes or other text notifications that you might get often from numbers not in your contacts.

What happens to blocked texts?

Blocked texts are sent the the Junk folder in the Messages app on your iPhone. You can still view blocked messages there.

Does the messages app still work?

Yes all your text messages still appear in the messages app. Dont Text is not a messenger app.

How do I delete a keyword?

To delete a keyword from the block list, swipe the row of the keyword by dragging to the left. The red delete button will appear, press it.


Can you read my text messages?

Dont Text only checks text messages from unknown senders. Dont Text cannot access text messages between you and your contacts, or any texts that you send. Dont Text can only check incoming messages from a number not saved in your contacts.

Apple limits the ability of apps from accessing text messages data and therefore, Dont Text cannot read your text messages. Continue reading here for information about Apple’s app limitations.

What data do you store?

Texts are checked for containing keywords locally on the device. If you pay for Worry Free Filtering, messages that are not blocked by your keywords are checked by Dont Text for spam. Dont Text can only see the sender’s phone number and message. Dont Text never see’s your phone number or any texts you send.

Dont Text does not save data about you or texts that you send because we do not have access to it in the first place.

What does your App Store app privacy notice mean?

App Privacy

Dont Text must verify that users have paid for their subscription to Worry Free Filtering or not. This is done without tracking by using anonymous IDs to verify purchases. Dont Text does not know or store your name or credit card information. No personal information is linked to you.

Do you have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Yes, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Worry Free Filtering Subscription

Why should I upgrade to Worry Free Filtering?

Worry Free Filtering will automatically block spam texts for you. This allows you to skip the hassle of setting keywords because Dont Text will take care of spam for you. You can stop worrying about spam, phishing texts, and scams, Worry Free Filtering blocks them instantly.

How long is my subscription?

A subscription to Worry Free Filtering lasts 1 year for $4.99.

Can I purchase a shorter duration subscription?

Dont Text currently only offers a year-long subscription.

Is there a free trial?

Not at the moment. You can use the free version of the app forever. If you decide to upgrade you can cancel at any time and continue using the free version.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Open the app and go to the upgrade tab. Press ‘Manage Subscription’ and the App Store will open. Click on the Dont Text subscription then ‘Cancel Subscription’.

Follow this guide from Apple for more information.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, the subscription will auto-renew on the original date of purchase and you will be charged the subscription price for another year.

Can I share my subscription across multiple devices?

You can sync your subscription across any devices logged in with the same AppleID account. You only have to purchase the subscription on one device. Install Dont Text on the others, open the upgrade tab, and press restore.