Version 1.3 of Dont Text is now available on the App Store. I wanted to take some time to share the new improvements that are coming your way. I plan writing a new post like this one for all new versions of Dont Text explaining what is new as I release each update.

Improved Design

The first thing you’ll notice after downloading the new update is the improved design. I wanted to take some time to improve the overall design aspect of the Dont Text app. My goal is to make it easy to use and extremely user-friendly.

In the earliest versions of Dont Text, I was focusing on getting the product and its core features onto the App Store in a short amount of time. Spam texts are an annoying problem, I wanted people to start blocking spam texts right away. I pushed through the development process as quick as I could. I knew there were more features I would add and update after the original launch, I just wanted to get on the App Store. Now that the core features of the app are nailed down, I am focusing on improving the user experience.

New Onboarding Animations

When you first download and open the app, you are presented with a screen for setting up Dont Text. This screen on-boards users by walking through how to enable spam text filtering, setup keywords, and offers Worry Free Filtering.

I made some new changes that provide clearer language during this process. It is very important that the user enables the filtering in their settings correctly or the app will not work, so I know I need to get this part right. I also want to explain how the keywords work very clearly. These simple yet, powerful keywords are how you block spam so I want my users to understand how to use both types of keywords.

I also added animations between each screen to improve the look and feel while going through this setup. Finally, I added the option to go straight to adding keywords or purchasing Worry Free Filtering. I know that some users do not want to fool with setting up keywords, this is why I offer the option to buy Worry Free Filtering. I also understand that others do not want to pay so I still provide the option to go straight to the keywords because I do not want to spam anyone to buy the upgrade.

Button Press Feedback

Button Press Feedback

Another improvement is feedback from pressing buttons in the app. Now when you tap a button, like the big green purchase button, the button moves like it was a physical button that was pressed. This is a very simple improvement that I made but makes the app feel more responsive and just more pleasant to use.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

I found a bug in the previous version of Dont Text. The good news is that this bug is now patched. I would also like to note that the bug did not compromise the security or privacy of your data or the Dont Text app. The bug was only in the user interface that could cause the app to crash.

Restore Button Bug

There was an issue that would cause the app to crash by pressing the restore button. The crash would occur if the restore button was pressed before the purchase button would load. This issue is now fixed and the restore button does not appear until the purchase button appears.

Asking for Reviews 😅

This is a big one that I’ve put a lot of time and thought into. At first I did not want to ask users for reviews because this often feels spammy and not genuine. However, it is no secret that App Store Reviews impact an app’s appearance on the App Store. Getting quality reviews on the App Store can make Dont Text more popular and help more people start blocking spam texts.

This led me to decide that I will request reviews in the app but I am doing it in a way that I do not think is annoying or spammy. You will be only prompted for a review when you purchase Worry Free Filtering. Since you only have to purchase this subscription once, you will not be asked to review more than once. I feel like this is the best way to ask for reviews without interrupting the flow of the app and bother you, the user.

I made this decision because reviews can really help the app grow in popularity but I still want to take you as a user into account with this decision.

While we are on this subject, if you’ve read this far into this article, taking a few minutes to leave a review would be a huge help 😄

What’s Next

That’s it for version 1.3. I’ve been working on this update for a while and I’m excited to have it on the App Store this quickly. I’m always brainstorming new features and trying to improve the experience for users. I’m always happy to hear your feedback and ideas on what I could do better.

Get in touch with me on Twitter @tknndy, you can tweet at me or send me a DM. I’m happy to chat at anytime and hear your thoughts and feedback.