Spam texts are without a doubt annoying, but you might not think they are dangerous. No one needs more notifications on their phone, especially not junk messages. Besides being annoying, there is a concern of safety when it comes to receiving spam texts.

Getting unwanted calls from random phone numbers feels like a violation of your privacy.

How did they even get my phone number in the first place? Are the messages that spammers send safe for my phone?

For the most part, receiving a spam text is harmless. The danger lies in the link attached to the message, or responding to the sender.

Receiving a spam text, not responding or clicking any links will leave you without harm. You should immediately delete the text to ensure you don’t accidentally click on the message later. Read below to understand why ⬇️

Never click on links in unwanted spam text messages. A seemingly harmless spam text can take you to a dangerous website. The linked website could be phishing, trying to steal your passwords or credit card information. Other websites could contain viruses that infect your devices.

A good rule of thumb is to never open a link from a message you did not expect to receive. Instead of opening the link, delete the message right away to avoid accidentally clicking on it later.

Do not Reply to the Sender

Replying to spam texts might seem harmless at first, but it is not a good idea. Texting back can result in receiving more spam texts from the original sender.

When you respond to a spam text, you let the sender know that your phone number is active. Spammers will send you more spam texts if they know that your phone number is valid and that you are reading their messages.

Responding to spam texts can also be dangerous. The sender could try to trick you into giving them financial information or send them money. These scams can be very convincing and difficult to spot. It is best to ignore these messages and never respond to the sender.

How to Block Dangerous Spam Texts

Blocking spam texts is the best way to stay safe and avoid dangerous text scams. Dont Text is a free app for iPhone to block spam text messages.

Get started blocking spam texts by downloading Dont Text from the App Store for free. The app is easy to use and only takes a minute to setup. After you install the app, enable spam text blocking in your settings (the app walks you through this process.)

Next, add keywords in the app to filter unwanted texts from unknown senders. To make blocking spam texts even easier, upgrade to Worry Free Filtering in the app and Dont Text will automatically block all spam texts for you.

In 60 seconds, Dont Text can keep your phone safe from dangerous spam texts for good!