It’s been a while since the last Dont Text update, but the wait is officially over. This week, version 1.3.4 of Dont Text was released on the App Store. So head on over to a local App Store near you and download or update to the latest version of Dont Text.

Now, let’s talk about what’s new in this version:

iOS 15 Support

This update brought support for iOS 15 to Dont Text. Prior to this update iOS 15 users were still able to enjoy the same great spam text blocking just like all other iPhone users. However, iOS 15 did bring some changes that caused layout issues in the UI of Dont Text.

The layout issues were minor and most people probably didn’t notice, but now they are taken care of. This update tidied up these layout issues for iPhone/iPad users of all screen shapes and sizes. All devices from the iPhone Mini to the iPad Pro now correctly display the Dont Text app.

Improved Onboarding

This update also enhanced the onboarding experience for new users of Dont Text. The screen you first see after downloading the app that explains how to enable spam text blocking in the settings and choosing keywords has been updated. The changes include showing examples of a text and keywords that would block the text to give new users a better idea of how the app works.

Hopefully this will make using Dont Text even more pleasant and easier to get started blocking spam texts 😄.

Download Dont Text

You can try out the latest version of Dont Text for yourself. Download Dont Text from the App Store today and keep on blocking those spam texts.

If you are loving Dont Text and use it to block spam texts, leave a review ⭐️!