Receiving unwanted dirty text messages from random phone numbers is awful. Whether it is inappropriate, X-rated messages or foul-mouthed texts no one should be subjected to annoying texts they did not sign up for.

Besides being annoying and gross, you might find these messages offensive. If you have young children that access your phone or device, you especially do not want them seeing these messages.

Download Dont Text to Block Dirty Text Messages and Spam

In this article, let’s get to the bottom of where these dirty text messages come from and what to do about them.

Why am I Getting Dirty Text Messages?

There are lots of reasons you are getting unwanted text messages. Senders of spam texts are trying to scam you, sell you something, or install a virus on your phone. Those dirty texts might not be enticing to you, but the senders hope they will get someone to bite.

All in all, the reason you get these texts boils down to this:

👉 Spammers got your phone number and they want to steal from you

How Did They Get My Phone Number?

There are lots of way spammers can get your phone number. One way is scraping it from websites or downloading it from online databases.

There are hundreds of sites that sell people’s personal information and phone numbers. Unfortunately, my phone number is on those lists and yours probably is too (that’s why we get spam texts).

The fact is there is not much we can do about it. Companies collect our personal information all the time. This information gets leaked when companies get hacked or they sell our personal information for profit (not cool).

Spam text senders purchase these lists and blast out millions of spam texts. Once they get your phone number, you can be sure they’ll be sending you spam.

What Are They Trying to Steal from Me?

Spam texters send out their messages to millions of people trying to make a profit. All of these texts are a part of scams to make the spammers money. Unfortunately, you are the target and victim of these scams.

Most often spammers send you a link hoping that you will click on it. The link can take you to a website that could try to sell you junk from a suspicious looking online store.

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Other times the link can take you to a website that will try to steal your passwords or credit card information. The attackers use websites that look like the website of real companies to make you try to login with your password.

Sometimes you’ll get spam texts that don’t include any links. This type of message is hoping that you will respond and they can gain your trust. Eventually, they will send you a link or request payment from you.

How to Protect Yourself from Spam Texts

So now you know where dirty texts come from and why they got sent to you. The real question is what to do when you get one. Here are two things you should do when dealing with spam texts.

If you are so annoyed by dirty spam texts that you are reading an online article about them, you probably have no interest in clicking on them in the first place.

However, it goes for all texts from unknown numbers: never click on links.

Spam Text Message with a Link

Spam text links can be dangerous. These texts link to websites that will attempt to steal your passwords or credit card. Some dangerous websites may also try to install viruses or malware on your phone.

The best defense against spam text messages is to never click on them.

Delete Spam Texts 🗑️

When you spot a spam text, you should delete it right away. Deleting spam texts is nice because you can get those annoying messages out of your conversation history. But, it also has security benefits.

Deleting spam texts prevents you from accidentally opening the spam text again later and clicking on the link by mistake. This ensures that you never end up on any harmful websites.

How to Block Dirty Text Messages 👋

Getting those dirty spam texts off your phone is easier than you might think. iPhones allow you to install third party apps that can filtering text messages and help you fight spam.

Dont Text is the best solution for blocking dirty spam texts. The Dont Text app gives you the power to filter texts based on the message content. This enables you to block spammers who target you from different phones numbers or email addresses.

To get started, download Dont Text from the App Store on your phone. Follow the setup instruction to enable spam text filtering in your settings.

Block Spam with Keywords

After that, use keywords to create custom filters to eliminate spam for good. Add keywords in the app that you commonly see from spam texts that have been bothering you. Once that’s done, you’re all set.

With the help of Dont Text you can eliminate spam texts and keep those dirty texts off your phone once and for all.