You just received a mysterious text from an unknown number. You have no idea who is sending you this text or what they are even talking about. Why are they texting you in the first place and how did they get your phone number?

To get to the bottom of this mystery you need some way to check if this phony text is spam. Now it is easier than ever to check for spam texts. Introducing the Dont Text Spam Text Number Lookup Tool.

How to Lookup Spam Text Phone Numbers

The Spam Text Number Lookup Tool makes it easy for anyone to lookup the sender of unknown text messages. To check if a phone number is sending you spam head over to the Tools page to get started.

Spam Text Number Lookup Tool

All you have to do is enter a phone number, short code, or email address into the input field and press Search. Instantly get results to determine if the phone number or email address is sending spam text messages.

The Spam Text Lookup Tool makes it easy to lookup a number sending you texts from an unknown number. Quickly check if they are spamming you so you can block them for good.

Next time you receive a text from an unknown number, use the Dont Text Spam Text Number Lookup Tool to check if it is spam before replying or clicking on the message.

Why Do You Need to Lookup Spam Text Senders

Looking up if a number is spam is a safe and effective way to identify spam text messages. It is also important to personally watch out for spam texts. Certain spam texts contain dangerous phishing links.

Knowing if a text is spam or phishing helps keep you and your online accounts safe from attackers. If you feel that you must interact with the message, you can have peace of mind by first checking if it is spam or not.

Know How to Spot Spam Texts

If you want to fight back against spam texts, you need to know how to spot them. The Spam Text Number Lookup Tool is great for checking if a text is spam, but learning how to spot them yourself also helps keep you safe against online attacks.

The Federal Communications Commision provides excellent resources for stopping spam calls and texts. Read the FCC’s guide for spam texts.

Any time you receive an unsolicited text from a number you do not recognize, alarms should be going off inside your head. This is a strong indicator of a spam text.

Unwanted text messages are no doubt annoying, buy they are also dangerous. Usually the purpose of a spam text is to steal something from you like a password or money.

Watch out for links to websites in text messages. A text containing a link from an unknown number is almost always a spam text.

To protect yourself from spam text messages, never click on any links. If a message comes from a sender you do not recognize or is not saved in your contacts, do not click anything they send you.

Spam Text Message with a Link

Spam texters send texts containing links that take you to dangerous websites. These harmful websites try to steal your account passwords, credit card number, or bank login credentials.

Avoid scams like this by ignoring spam texts and deleting them immediately. Deleting spam texts prevents you from accidentally clicking on the link again later.

Block Spam Text Messages with Dont Text

Block Spam Text Messages with Dont Text

The best way to protect yourself from spam text messages is to block them in the first place. Once you’ve identified a text as spam, the next step is to block it and all future spam texts.

To get started blocking spam texts, follow along with this complete guide to blocking spam texts.

The Dont Text app makes it easier than ever to block spam texts. Download Dont Text from the App Store today. In seconds you can eliminate all spam texts from your iPhone and iPad.

Armed with both the Spam Text Number Lookup Tool and text blocking iOS app from Dont Text, you are ready to fight against spam texts for good.