Dont Text is excited to announce the launch of a brand new tool to help in the fight against spam and phishing text messages. This new tool makes it easy to quickly search if a phone number that sent you a text is spam.

Lookup Spam Text Phone Numbers and Emails

You can lookup any phone number or email address to check if it is being used to send spam or phishing texts. Enter a phone number, short code, or an email address into the tool and instantly get results to determine if this number is sending spam text messages.

The lookup tool is completely private and anonymous. Oh, and did I mention blazing fast too 🔥

This tool is free, easy to use, and available today for you to try out. No gimmicks, no hassles, and no asking for your personal information. Just enter a phone number to check if it is spam and get results in seconds.

Head over to the tools page to get started and try it out for yourself today.

More From Dont Text Coming Soon

Dont Text is dedicated to helping ordinary people fight back against annoying spam text messages. The Dont Text app gives anyone with an iPhone the power to block spam texts.

In an effort to help more people around the world fight spam and phishing, Dont Text is launching more tools to keep you secure. Dont Text is committed to building tools that are simple and easy to use. That is at the core of the iOS app and will be at the core of all future Dont Text products.